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Book a tour

Groups may make reservations for tours throughout the whole year.

Apart from the guide fee there is an entry fee of:
Low season - 95 SEK/person
Peak season - 110 SEK/person (5 May - 24 June)
Peak season - 125 SEK/person (25 June - 12 August)
Peak season - 110 SEK/person (13 August - 4 November)

Standard castle tour of the royal apartments
Group with a guide (weekdays, daytime): 1200 SEK + entry fee
Group with a guide (evenings/weekends): 1900 SEK + entry fee

Guided tour at banquet/conference
Guided tour at banquet/conference: Guide fee included.

Low season - 95 SEK / person
5/5-24/6 - 110 SEK / person
25/6-12/8 - 125 SEK / person
13/8-4/11 - 110 SEK / person

Special tour
Apart from the standard castle tour in the royal apartments, we also offer a number of special tours that can be reserved. All special tours feature some sections of the castle that are normally not shown, some of which cannot be accessed by visitors without a guide. What these rooms are depend partly on the interests of the group, and partly on which areas of the castle are currently available. Special tours are often centered around a theme such as war, art or prison. They are usually held in Swedish but may be available in English as well. If you wish to reserve a special tour in English, please contact the administration.

Special tour (weekdays, daytime): 1850 SEK + entry fee
Special tour (evenings/weekends): 2250 SEK+ entry fee

Book a guided tour
Ulrika Einebrant
Phone: 0480-45 14 92

Book a lunch
At Kalmar Castle you may certainly book a lunch or a nice coffee break, for example when you arrive by bus or when you have taken a guided tour at the castle!